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Flights carrying 15 million masks from China arrive in Brazil

São Paulo, May 10, 2020 – The first flight carrying equipment to fight COVID-19 landed this Sunday morning (5/10) in São Paulo/Guarulhos. The transportation was paid by Americanas to support the Ministry of Infrastructure and Ministry of Health. This is the first of two operations between China and Brazil, paid by Americanas and carried out by LATAM Brazil, in order to transport 15 million three-layer masks, equivalent to 53 tons.

The first aircraft (flight JJ9518) took off on Saturday (5/9) at 4 p.m. from Shanghai (local time), with a stopover in Amsterdam, and landed (as flight JJ9519) in São Paulo/Guarulhos at 7 a.m. this Sunday (5/10). The flight was carried out by a team of pilots and operations personnel in a Boeing 777 aircraft. They traveled more than 18 thousand kilometers in about 46 hours, going through three different time zones.

Upon landing in Guarulhos, the aircraft was greeted with a special message from the control tower. Click here to view the message and images of this transportation.

The second Americanas-LATAM flight (JJ9519) that will transport the remaining masks will arrive in São Paulo/Guarulhos at 8:40 a.m. on Monday (5/11). Each flight carries 7.5 million three-layer masks.

The Ministry of Infrastructure (MInfra) coordinated a special operation to bring 1.200 tons of masks, purchased by the Ministry of Health, from China. Personal protection equipment will be distributed to the states.

Solidarity and transportation of doctors

In addition to the partnership with the Government and support in the distribution of medical equipment in Brazilian states, LATAM is also transporting health professionals – doctors, nurses and other specialists involved in fighting the pandemic. Their transportation is free of charge, only having to pay the boarding fee to help combat COVID-19. Through this initiative, LATAM aims to facilitate healthcare professionals’ access to the places that have been most impacted by this unprecedented crisis.

LATAM Cargo continues contributing within Brazil by transporting necessary items to fight COVID-19. Since March 15, more than 130 flights have been carried out to transport around 600 tons of goods including medicines, tests, alcohol-based gel, masks, gloves, thermometers, respirators and food donations.

Americanas has already donated over 45 million to assist several states in their health and logistics issues. R$20 million have been granted to São Paulo in the form of delivery and logistics services; R$15 million have been spent in 80 respirators for public hospitals (ongoing acquisition process); R$5 million have been used for the construction of Rio de Janeiro’s field hospital; R$1.2 million spent in 20 thousand rapid test kits (ongoing acquisition process); R$195 thousand donated for the purchase of 300 high-performance thermometers for the Espirito Santo State Government and Salvador City Hall; 10 million masks to protect members and customers; 1 million water bottles for the Ação da Cidadania (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo) and Visão Mundial (Recife and Manaus) NGOs, and 50 thousand basic food baskets have been given, among others. The company also created the voluntary participation network “Juntos somos mais solidários” (Together we are more supportive). This organization allows associates, suppliers, service providers and partners to currently help elders living in over 1.100 homes across Brazil by providing them with hygiene and cleaning kits during three months. Americanas also raised R$2 million in customer donations through Ame Digital, fintech and the mobile business platform. The company is promoting the #Apoieocomerciolocal campaign, providing small merchants the opportunity to sell in one of Brazil’s largest e-commerces.