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WhatsApp Image 2020-05-29 at 21.07.54

LATAM Airlines Ecuador transported food in its passenger cabin to supply the Galapagos Islands

May 29, 2020, Quito – With great satisfaction, a new LATAM Airlines Ecuador flight from Quito landed in the Galapagos Islands on May 29. On this occasion, 12 tons of perishable cargo were delivered in order to supply the archipelago. These include: fruits, vegetables and other goods.

Since the pandemic began, LATAM Airlines Group started to use passenger aircraft exclusively for cargo transportation; in some cases, that means enabling cabins for this purpose. This has allowed the company to continue supporting exports and imports throughout Latin America.

Once again, LATAM’s team in Ecuador displayed great professionalism while preparing the aircraft’s cabin in Quito, placing the fragile cargo on and between the seats, in the hand luggage compartments and in its belly. The team also unloaded the airplane and reloaded it with 7 tons of fish in order to transport it back to Mainland Ecuador.

This represents a collaborative work between LATAM Airlines and LATAM Cargo. The flight had been requested by the local merchants, especially by those from Santa Cruz’s Chamber of Commerce and its authorities, and today it may be considered a successful event that sets the tone to continue serving the Islands and the country.

“Due to the pandemic and the suspension of domestic operations, residents required these basic goods for their daily life, as well as the transportation of fish in order to trigger commercial trade in the Islands. LATAM’s efforts to keep our wings raised are based on our commitment to continue connecting the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador internally and to the rest of the world. This becomes even more meaningful through actions like these, which boost the country’s economy and give thousands of people access to key goods. They depend on these products reaching their destination. We transport dreams, and ours is to continue flying in order to support Ecuador,” stated Daniel Leng, LATAM Airlines Ecuador’s Executive Director.

Meanwhile, Vinicio Ávila, president of Santa Cruz’s Chamber of Commerce, received the food shipment and emphasized that this flight comes as a response in order to supply the islands. “Today’s flight was a complete success, as we are bringing 12 thousand kilograms of food to the Island…I hope this won’t be the only flight; we must think of having a weekly cargo flight,” he stated.