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LATAM Cargo Group launches the strategic project that will deploy its new end-to-end system

“One of the most important and ambitious projects in our history”. This is how LATAM Cargo employees have described the project that will replace the various cargo management systems in use today with a single system that will include all business functionalities, from planning to money collection.

Besides providing customers with more and better tools, the new system will enhance efficiency by standardizing processes across different regions and reducing costs thanks to its Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Following a strict evaluation process, LATAM Cargo selected CROAMIS, a system developed by Indian-based WIPRO, as its new cargo management system.

Due to the project’s magnitude, 45 employees will be dedicated exclusively to its execution, with support from more than 100 associates. Once the deployment is completed, towards the end of 2020, LATAM Cargo will have one of the industry’s most modern and sophisticated system platforms.

“Maintaining our position of leadership in the air cargo market to, from and within Latin America requires us to continuously evolve and innovate. Having a robust, modern and efficient technological platform is essential to remain competitive in today’s air cargo industry. Wipro’s CROAMIS cargo management solution will not only allow us to satisfy our customers’ current needs, but also will enable us to meet future challenges. In addition, deploying this new system will increase our reliability and optimize our cost structure. The CROAMIS platform meets all our requirements to take a big leap forward in our domestic and international markets,” said LATAM Cargo CEO, Andrés Bianchi.

On his part, Deviprasad Rambhatla, Vice President & Global Head – Travel, Transportation, Hospitality and Public Sector industries, Wipro Limited said, “We are honored to welcome LATAM Cargo into the CROAMIS user community. With CROAMIS, we are bringing about digital transformation usually seen only in the passenger side of the airline industry to the world of air cargo. Wipro has assembled a highly talented team of Airline Cargo professionals from across the world, supported by a large pool of technology professionals to build a solid and scalable foundation for the CROAMIS community”.

The change to the new system will bring about a number of advantages: it will give the company more agility to satisfy the needs of its customers, adding considerably to its value chain. Once implemented, CROAMIS will offer LATAM Cargo’s customers the convenience of a new tracking system, more and better self-service tools such as e-booking, e-claims, e-rates and a system in line with the highest industry standards.

Replacing various systems will improve reliability and uptime; the product will be flexible enough to admit modifications in response to industry needs and allow the incorporation of new technologies. Finally, CROAMIS will translate into a substantial increase in company’s efficiency by reducing the number of systems utilized and the associated infrastructure.

“This end-to-end system will transform our internal operations as well as the way we interact with our customers. Having it places us at the forefront of the global air cargo industry, giving us the opportunity to be more efficient while offering greater autonomy and transparency to our customers,” added Mr. Bianchi.

The project began in late 2017 and will be implemented gradually until the end of 2020, when it should be in full operation.

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LATAM Cargo and Wipro team