Peruvian Penguins land in Mexico

The 10 Humboldt birds were shipped directly to the Veracruz Penguinarium from the Huachipa Zoo in Peru. These were transported on board a direct LAN CARGO flight from Lima to Mexico.

Upon their arrival, the species were subjected to a series of medical analysis required by the authorities to certify their excellent state of health. Once this was completed, the birds were quarantined, while attended and cared on a 24 hour a day basis by aquarium veterinaries.

During their first months in Mexico, the penguins must follow the same diet as in their country of origin, so a ton of their food was also shipped together with them.

Today, the penguins reside in their new habitat at 18°C. They are being shown to the public as of July 1st. This is the first time that the Veracruz Aquarium has penguins among its attractions.