UPS visits LATAM Cargo in Amsterdam

This past month of February, UPS held a workshop for its Solution and Implementation Team, a total of 15 people from different parts of Europe, who met in Amsterdam for 2 days.

One of the main goals of this workshop was for the team to get an inside look at the cargo process of an airline, and for this they chose LATAM.  Most of the team members never visited an airline or an airline warehouse, so it was a great opportunity to show them what happens with the shipments as soon as they are entrusted to the airline.

The LATAM Cargo Amsterdam team gave them a short corporate presentation, which included company information and detailed our product portfolio. The Pharma Active and Passive products, very important in this region, were highlighted during this presentation.

At the end of the presentation, the team went on a guided tour of LATAM Cargo´s Warehouse as well as the health care facilities[XD(1]  and the tarmac operation.

The UPS team was very grateful for the opportunity to learn about the airline and behind-the-scene operations. For LATAM Cargo, this was an opportunity to demonstrate our products and capabilities to such a relevant industry player.

 [XD(1]Qué es esto en concreto? Son las herramientas para el almacenaje y transporte de productos farmacéuticos?