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“Our goal is to be more efficient on customer needs and adapt to changes that the industry requires”, Cristián Ureta, CEO LATAM Cargo

Latin America based major carrier LATAM Cargo has added new FLEX product to its portfolio of services last year to ensure consistent delivery throughout their entire international network. Cristián Ureta, CEO of LATAM Cargo, analyses the rationale for launching this new product strategy and the potential markets the airline company is looking at to expand in the coming years.

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New challenges for the air cargo industry

Fast service will continue to be the biggest appeal in the air cargo industry, but its cost, associated with fuel, and the restrictions and regulations, specially those related to security, have reduced its advantages.


Following the association between LAN and TAM, there have been significant achievements in the domestic market in Brazil, among the most notable being infrastructure improvements, increased access to cargo space on passenger aircraft, TAM Cargo freighter operations and an extensive range of products and services. Domestic and International Market TAM Cargo has a 58% share […]

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Looking towards 2013

LATAM Airlines Group offers a unique business model, combines cargo flights with passengers.

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LATAM Airlines Group, significant benefits for cargo customers

“South American export products will have an additional alternative to access the important U.S and European markets” Álvaro Carril, Commercial Vice President of LAN CARGO.