January 18, 2023.

Dear customer,

This is to inform you that the European Union, in conjunction with Switzerland, Norway and Northern Ireland, is in the process of implementing a new customs safety and security program through the Import Control System 2 (ICS-2), which will replace the current customs regulation Import Control System 1 (ICS-1). 

Accordingly, and in order to facilitate the transition, LATAM Cargo will begin a (mandatory) ramp-up period during the weeks immediately preceding the official entry into force of this regulation, whereby freight forwarders will need to complete the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) required by ICS-2 for all cargo carried to or via the countries named before.  The release dates of both the ramp-up and the regulation will be confirmed in due course. 

The customer or freight forwarder will be responsible for the compliance and submission of all data required by ICS-2, with emphasis on the accuracy, integrity and currency of all data provided.

ICS-2 compliance includes two specific processes:

  • Pre-Loading: This process ensures compliance with the PLACI requirements (Pre Loading Advance Cargo Information) and must be completed prior to loading the cargo on the aircraft. In this stage, the so-called “7+1 data” is provided:
    • Shipper Name
    • Shipper address
    • Consignee Name
    • Consignee address
    • # of pieces
    • Weight of goods
    • Description of goods
    • AWB #
  • Pre-Arrival: This process consists of submitting all the cargo-related information, not only 7+1 data. The time limits for submittal are:
  1. for Long-Haul flights (over 4 hours) a minimum of 4 hours prior to the cargo arriving at the first port of entry into the countries named before, and 
  2. for Short-Haul flights (less than 4 hours) no later than the scheduled departure time. 

The information required in the Pre-Arrival form is the same one needed by ICS-1, plus two new requirements that will introduce significant operational changes. These are:

  • Obligation to submit the consignee EORI number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) on each MAWB and/or HAWB level.
  • Obligation to submit the HS-Code (Harmonized Commodity Code) 6 digit and a description for each commodity on each MAWB and HAWB level.

Please be informed that failure to submit required ICS-2 data may lead to non-acceptance of the cargo at EU customs borders and therefore result in failed shipping. In some cases, non-compliance may even lead to financial sanctions.

We understand that this change will be a complex challenge for the entire logistics chain, so we will be sharing relevant information on the new regulation and its changes through our official channels on a regular basis. Should you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact the sales representative nearest you or the Customer Care team, or write to us at:

Best regards,

LATAM Cargo Team