LATAM Cargo inaugurates new route from Europe to strengthen connections with Brazil

  • The new route will start with two frequencies per week from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Curitiba (Brazil), with the objective of bringing pharmaceutical products and general cargo to the Brazilian city.

October 9, 2023 – LATAM Cargo inaugurates a new cargo route from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to Curitiba, Brazil, aimed at strengthening connectivity between Europe and South America while reducing transportation time through a more direct alternative and providing enhanced capacity for clients.

The company now offers a direct service, allowing customers to ship their cargo to the Brazilian city without the need for intermediate stops, thanks to the flexibility offered by its fleet of Boeing 767 freighters. Operating with two weekly frequencies on Tuesdays and Saturdays, this route efficiently links Europe with Curitiba, primarily transporting pharmaceutical products and general cargo.

“At LATAM Cargo, we are constantly reviewing our cargo itinerary, always seeking new opportunities to benefit our customers. In this context, the opening of this route is part of an initiative that will enable us to provide a more direct and efficient service to Curitiba from Europe,” commented Gudny Genskowsky, VP of Network and Alliances at LATAM Cargo.

LATAM Cargo Group boasts the most extensive cargo operation in the region, connecting to a total of 156 destinations that bridge South America with the rest of the world. In the case of Brazil, the cargo group currently serves 53 destinations within the country and another 19 international destinations, further solidifying our leadership in the cargo industry within the region.