LATAM Cargo’s rewards program celebrates one year of existence

With above 100 active members, representing 80% of the tons transported in the international business, this 2016 Cargo Rewards completed its first year of life.

Cargo Rewards is LATAM Cargo’s corporate rewards program which purpose is to reward customers’ loyalty. It works together with LATAM Airlines program, LATAM Pass, to transform the transported tons into kilometers which may be subsequently exchanged for air tickets, touristic packages by LATAM Travel and other products.

During this year, 68% of its members have done at least one exchange, and 50% of the accrued kilometers have been exchanged for air tickets. In addition, as part of the actions related to the new brand, all information on the Cargo Rewards was included in the company’s website, delivering to customers more transparency and a better access to the information.

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