Avión Solidario Grupo LATAM (2) (1)
Avión Solidario Grupo LATAM (2) (1)

LATAM Group activates the Humanitarian Relief Plane to help the people of the Bahamas

Medicines, medical instruments, sanitary and edible items were all part of the 35 tons of humanitarian aid transported from the US (Miami) to the Bahamas on the Humanitarian Relief Plane provided by LATAM Group. As hurricane Dorian passed through the archipelago the storm escalated to categories 4 and 5, and led to one of the greatest natural disasters the islands of the Bahamas have ever experienced.

In the face of such dire circumstances the Group activated the Humanitarian Relief Plane initiative via LATAM Cargo. The B767-300BCF cargo plane was chartered to Nassau, a destination outside of the company’s network, providing a full payload to transport the entire 35 tons of aid collected by the UPS Foundation, the company’s ally in this initiative. Once in the field all the goods collected for the benefit of those affected were distributed among hospitals and foundations on different islands.

Thanks to the collaborative work between different teams and actors in the cargo transport industry, the Humanitarian Relief Plane initiative came to life, and had a positive impact on the affected areas.

“The Humanitarian Relief Plane is a true reflection of the LATAM Group’s desire to contribute to our community through concrete actions, acting when we’re needed the most. As we have done before in other countries in Latin America, we continue to be available for collaboration in mitigating the suffering of those most affected by natural disasters”, comments Andres Bianchi, CEO of LATAM Cargo.

The Humanitarian Relief Plane is an initiative that falls within the framework of the LATAM Group’s commitment to communities affected by natural disasters, and that makes available the structure, connectivity and capacity to transport company passengers and cargo. The plane was activated in earlier circumstances for Chile’s forest fires, flooding in Peru, hurricane Maria aftermath in Puerto Rico, and the earthquake in Ecuador, among other cases.


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