Looking towards 2013

LATAM Airlines Group offers a unique business model, combines cargo flights with passengers.


Following the association between LAN and TAM, the cargo operations of the two companies began cooperating as of June 2012. Specifically, LAN CARGO and its affiliates obtained access to the belly capacity of TAM Airline’s passenger aircrafts, futher expanding the already large cargo network, while allowing the companies to offer an even more attractive option to customers.

Belly capacity is an important strategic factor for LAN CARGO and its affiliates. LAN CARGO’s unique business model, combines:

  • The flexibility and versatility of freighters
  • Stability, regularity and frequency of passenger flights where it transports cargo

TAM provides four new points of origin/destinations, three in Europe and one in United States:

  • London
  • Paris
  • Milan
  • Orlando

In addition to access to TAM’s EXTENSIVE DOMESTIC NETWORK WITHIN Brazil, and allows them to offer more direct and connecting flights than any other in Latin America.

The expansion of the cargo network offers customers coverage that allows LAN CARGO and its affiliates to deliver a variety of solutions to customers, in order to meet their specific needs.

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